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RM 60 (Regular) Drum

RM 60 (Regular) Drum

Price: $410.00

RM 60 - Concrete Remover & Rust Preventer - One of the best, if not the best, overall cleaning products for concrete trucks and equipment. RM-60 may be used on the entire truck without dulling or damaging paint or hurting glass. RM-60 is a concentrated, product that removes concrete and stops rust. RM-60 not only stops rust, but eliminates rust from reoccurring when used regularly. RM-60 does not contain any Muriatic Acid, so it may be sprayed or brushed on buildup and allowed to soak in without fear of rust. RM-60 removes light to medium-heavy concrete buildup while removing rust from bare metal. A great product to spray on the ring back of trucks with heavy buildup and allowed to penetrate the buildup without causing rust. Yellow in color.

*Case = 4 Gallons


NOTE: Items over 150 lbs are not able to ship via UPS and must be delivered (if local), picked up, or shipped by truck. Please call our office to get pricing for your preferred delivery method.