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Excavation Services

Conventional Excavation

In cases where conventional excavation is preferred or necessary, B Clean, LLC, has the equipment to meet all of your needs, including a skid steer and mini excavator, as well as dump truck service.

a pickup truck hauling an mini excavator

mini excavator

Hydro Excavation

a hydro-excavation truck and worker

Hydro excavation is the improved process of excavating soil using directed water and industrial vacuum equipment. 

With the large number of underground utilities in place, hydro excavation significantly decreases the potential for damages and loss of service that often occur with conventional excavation.

Hydro excavation is used to excavate holes for power poles, natural gas pipelines, oil pipelines, municipal water and sewer lines, and lines for fiber optic cable and electrical conduit.

This process can be performed in most all types of soil and terrain, with very few limitations on hole size or location and minimal surface damage.

a pumper truck

a pumper truck and workers