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Blendex gallon bottles of chemicals

Blendex specializes in the formulation, blending, and distribution of high performance, industrial maintenance chemicals.  Our line of products includes:

Blue Gold All-purpose cleaner Safe for paint, dries streak free. Removes mildew, grease, oil, tar, soot, road film.
Gold Rush Heavy equipment and truck degreaser Safe for paint.
Red Truck and equipment cleaner Formulated for use through hot water pressure washer. Removes mildew, grease, oil, tar, soot, road film.
Blue Max Degreaser Safe, non-foaming. Removes dirt, grime, soil.
Formula 10 Degreaser/cleaner Water soluble, USDA approved.
AP-100/AP-50 Concentrate degreaser Industrial strength, not safe for paint. Dissolves tough grease and oil.
Le-Roy Brown Heavy duty degreaser Not safe for paint. Designed for use on off road equipment.
Super Suds High performance vehicle shampoo Leaves vehicle with wax like shine.
Super Brite Aluminum brightener Cuts through heavy road film, smoke, fuel, oil, and rust stains, also removes red dirt stains from paint when diluted properly.
RM-60 Concrete remover and rust preventer Contains no muriatic acid.

Synthetic asphalt release agent

For use in beds of asphalt trucks and trailers.
F-1011 Heavy duty hand cleaner Suspends residue and grease, allows for clean rinsing, will not dry out hands. Can be used wet or dry.
Transformer Transformer oil remover Removes fr-3 transformer oil from finished paint with no ill effect.
WF-10 Degreaser Low foaming. For use in recirculating degreasing vat.
T.A.R. Tar and asphalt remover Dissolves resin, creosote, crude oil, grease, tar, and asphalt on contact
D-Limonene Asphalt Extractant For use in asphalt testing labs to clean aggregate for testing. Low odor and fast acting.