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Vacuum Services

vacuum truck fleet in the snow

130 BBL Vacuum Trailers

B Clean, LLC, can provide 130 BBL vacuum trailers for all of your service needs at various jobsite locations.

130 Vacuum Trailer services

Grease Trap Cleaning

One of the biggest challenges in the commercial kitchen is managing the fats, oils, and greases (FOG). We can assist with that challenge by providing regular grease trap maintenance. This will help protect drains and sewer lines from grease buildup that can cause issues such as foul odors, blockages in the pipeline, or at worst an expensive tank replacement. B Clean, LLC, can provide service on an as needed basis or on regular intervals according to your needs.

Lift Station Cleaning

When change in ground elevation make proper drainage difficult, lift stations keep wastewater flowing correctly. Lift stations, like tanks and pipes, can become clogged from accumulated waste. When this occurs, the tank may begin to overflow and cause issues. B Clean, LLC, is equipped to handle all of the service and repair needs of commercial and residential lift stations.

Septic Tank Cleaning

B Clean provides prompt and professional septic tank cleaning services at a reasonable price.

Waste Oil Collection

Contact B Clean, LLC, to collect your waste oil, whether it be used motor oil or industrial oil. We can provide collection services to you on regular intervals according to your needs or on an as needed basis.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Services

B Clean, LLC, can provide vacuum services to safely remove, transport, and dispose of wet or dry hazardous and nonhazardous waste from most any industrial or oilfield application. We utilize top of the line vacuum equipment, paired with our crew of experienced operators, to ensure complete and efficient service in routine or emergency situations.  

Whether it is scheduled cleaning, turnaround services, or the removal of waste, we can get the job done with the goal of minimizing your downtime in our forefront.