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Recent News

We are proud to recognize the following employees who have been awarded Employee of the Month for 2022:

August - LeAnn Stevens

LeAnn joined us in April 2021 and is responsible for all administrative tasks related to our environmental business, but she is also often the first voice our customers hear when they call us.  Her consistently polite, professional demeanor makes every interaction a pleasant one. We appreciate her always starting off the customer experience so well, and therefore awarded her Employee of the Month for August. 

LeAnn Stevens.jpg

July - Quincy McCurdy

Quincy joined us in February 2022 and quickly became a valuable member of our team.  His outstanding work ethic and humble attitude are deserving of some recognition, and therefore he was awarded Employee of the Month for July.  We are fortunate to have Quincy with us!

Quincy McCurdy.jpg


June - Chuck Trest

Chuck has been employed with us as a VAC Operator since August 2021, and very quickly learned the skills to become an asset to us.  Since then, his leadership abilities have developed tremendously, and for that he was awarded Employee of the Month for June.  Chuck is truly a leader and a valued member of our team!

Chuck Trest.jpg

May - Marcus Newell

Marcus is one of our longest-tenured VAC Operators, having been employed since June 2016.  His knowledge and experience are invaluable and he is always eager to share that with other employees, which is one of the many reasons he was awarded Employee of the Month for May.  Marcus is by far an essential part of our team!

 Marcus EOM.jpg                              

April - Billy Ishee

Billy is a VAC Operator and has been working with us since August 2018.  He was awarded Employee of the Month for April for the unrelenting positive attitude he has, no matter what is asked of him.  Billy is often used to train new employees, teaching them the skills to do the job as well as showing them it can always be done with a great attitude.  Billy is truly an asset to our team!

bILLY iSHEE eom (2).jpg                                  

March - David Creighton

David has been employed since January 2021 and is a VAC Operator.  He was named Employee of the Month for March for his outstanding work ethic and consistent eagerness to do anything that is asked of him, both of which make him a valued employee!

David EOM.jpg

February - William Stewart

William is a VAC Operator and has been employed since July 2021.  He has brought value since day one of employment but has now stepped up to take the lead on jobs.  His strong work ethic, as well as the very respectful attitude he always has, are very much appreciated!

William EOM.jpg

January - Wesley Parker

Wesley is a VAC Operator and has been employed since April 2020.  He was named Employee of the Month for the impressive job he did at Georgia Pacific in Taylorsville.  Wesley's uncanny ability to always get the job done makes him a very valuable part of our team!

Wesley EOM.jpg