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Company History

Alex's Washing Service was formed in October 2000 when Alex Hodge borrowed $5000 from his father and invested in a single pressure washer to begin cleaning a fleet of trucks for a local poultry company. Alex's uncanny ability to "get the job done," combined with the work ethic and integrity instilled in him as a young boy, attributed to the rapid growth of the company.

In 2005, Alex began to expand into providing additional industrial services when he purchased a small vacuum truck and some portable toilets. In conjuncture, the name of the company was changed to B Clean, LLC.  Continuing on the basis of providing an excellent service at a respectable cost, the company flourished and soon an additional vacuum truck and hundreds of portable toilets were purchased and in constant demand. 

Over the years, the company continued to expand into various areas of industrial service. In 2010 he purchased Blendex, LLC, a producer and supplier of commercial, industrial, and marine products, and in 2013 the company purchased super vac trucks capable of hydroexcavation. A local plumbing company was purchased in 2016, and we continue to provide plumbing services to both residential and commercial markets.

In 2013, B Clean Transportation, Inc., was created to haul refrigerated food products.  In the few years since its inception, it has grown to be the premier carrier for local poultry operations, hauling frozen chicken products throughout the region.

Most recently, in 2018, B Clean Environmental, LLC, was formed to provide disposal service for onsite garbage and construction debris.  We cover the Pine Belt area with various sized dumpsters as well as open top roll off containers.

The company motto - "We will get the job done!" - is something you will hear Alex say quite often.  He has done it himself, has made it happen, and continues to make it happen on a daily basis. Anyone that knows him knows that he gives all glory to God for the success of the company to date, and prays constantly for its continued progress.